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Sri Laasya Dental Services

Sri Laasya Dental founded in the year of 2011, with a passion to serve the people and established with a motto to deliver dental services to the patients at highest quality and aesthetics.

We are Empanneled with AP State Govt ( Cash-less ) EHS & WJHS Services for State Govt Employees & Their Dependents, Pensioners & Working Journalists

Dental Laser
(Soft tissue)

Laser Energy Can Aid Healing Through Photobiomodulation, Laser Irradiation Can Reduce Bacteria,


Smile Makeovers / Zirconia teeth

As the name suggests, a smile makeover is the art of improving the appearance of the smile through


Rotary Endodontics / Advanced Root Canal

Say the word - Root Canal or RCT and most patients pale a couple of shades. The pain/discomfort of an RCT


Our Treatment Design

  • An accurate and honest assessment for dental diseases.
  • An individualized preventive dental health program.
  • Information about proper nutrition practices.


I have had the opportunity of getting my dental corrections made which gave me the best outcome than that I assumed. The hospitality that has been attended on the needy is to be placed at a higher level by the efficient Dentists as well as their supporting staff giving accurate service saving our tine, energy and pocket.

Gopalakrishna Murthy Vaddadi

Laasya's dental treatment is very good ..Doctors care towards patients is very nice. overall treatment is very good.I am so satisfied for this treatment.

Sridevi Pasagadugula

Thank you sri laasya for your treatment . Before also ur clinic is best and now it is more international looking . All the best for ur upcoming success .

Sai Prasad

The equipment is nice and the doctors are friendly with the pateints . They are making the smiles look better

Vinay veerandra

Really made difference , feeling nice looking gaps are fixed now. Doctors are really friendly and always helpful in every doubts. Good service.

maha lakshmi